Tesla Autopilot crash driver 'was playing video game'

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    An Apple employee who died after his Tesla car hit a concrete barrier was playing a video game at the time of the crash, investigators believe.

    The US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) said the car had been driving semi-autonomously using Tesla's Autopilot software.

    Tesla instructs drivers to keep their hands on the wheel in Autopilot mode.

    But the NTSB said more crashes were foreseeable if Tesla did not implement changes to its Autopilot system.

    The authority has published the results of a two-year investigation, following the crash in March 2018.

    Tesla's Autopilot software steered the vehicle into the triangular "gore area" at a motorway intersection, and accelerated into a concrete barrier.

    The front of the Tesla separated from the rear, causing two other drivers to crash.

    Source: bbc

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