Tesla Supercharger network has now delivered over 400 GWh of energy

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    Tesla’s Supercharger network is arguably one of the automaker’s biggest assets and it is growing quite fast along with its fleet.

    The network has now delivered over 400 GWh of energy and it is rapidly accelerating as new stations come online and Model 3 deliveries are expanding.

    Tesla now has 10,720 Superchargers in operation at 1,330 stations around the world.

    Earlier this year, we reported how Tesla’s Supercharger network is growing at a record pace in 2018 and Musk added that Tesla has thousands of new Supercharger stations in the construction/permit phase.

    The automaker has revealed a new map for the 2018-2019 expansion to support the growing fleet with the launch of the Model 3.

    Model 3 owners have to pay to use the Supercharger network, but the vast majority of current Tesla owners, Model S and Model X owners, can still use the stations for free, which makes them have a higher use rate compared to other networks.
    Source: electrek.co

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