The Air Force Is Actually Considering Rocket Launches to Move Cargo Around the Globe

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    The United States already uses its unmatched fleet of cargo planes to project its influence and move its forces across the globe. But what if they did the same thing with rockets?

    Thanks to the emergence of the American private space industry, the United States Air Force can consider a wild-sounding possibility: rocket launches that blast cargo into space to land anywhere in the world within half an hour. Last week, at a military conference outside Dallas, Air Force officials confirmed that the service has met with private space companies to discuss the possibility.

    “They have talked about moving cargo in space, and we’ve sat down with SpaceX and had that discussion,” Gen. Maryanne Miller, the commander of Air Force Material Command, told reporters. Apparently sensing the joy she'd stirred in our hearts, she immediately added, “but it’s really just discussion at this point.” She also pointed out that the Pentagon hasn’t yet put any money on the table. “We won’t commit any resources,” she said. “But we’ve committed to work with them to see how quickly they progress."

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