The Bleeding Edge launch trailer is here

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    Filled with plenty of quirky attitude and funky character designs, the melee combat oriented hero battler Bleeding Edge is out next week for Xbox One and PC. To celebrate the impending launch on 24th March, Ninja Theory have dropped the launch trailer today, depicting an underground Fight Club-style blood sport.

    Revealed at E3 last year, Bleeding Edge is a bit of a departure from Hellblade. This 4v4 multiplayer hero combat game definitely has an air of Overwatch to it, including hero characters such as Daemon, Buttercup, Gizmo and Miko, but with over saturated colours and a lot more melee. Curiously it actually has its roots in the MOBA genre, instead of trying to ape Overwatch, but gradually morphed into something more direct and combative.

    The game’s been through a number of closed alpha and beta tests, and it’s now ready for primetime, but Ninja Theory have already started adding new characters to the roster. Just last week, they revealed Mekko, the trash-talking dolphin in a mech suit – because of course! – and a new map set in Mexico called Landslide.

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