The Endless Space Collection is free for keeps on the Humble Store

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    The Humble Store is wrapping up its big End of Summer Sale, and to bid a proper farewell to both the good weather and the deals, it's giving away the Endless Space Collection for the next 48 hours.

    Endless Space is a sci-fi 4X strategy game, a bit dated (it came out in 2012) but still very good. The Endless Space Collection inclues the base game and the Disharmony expansion, which adds a full new faction, plus new units, invasion mechanics, AI improvements, an overhauled Ship Design interface, and other additions, tweaks, and bug fixes.

    The Humble Store End of Summer Sale runs until 10 am PT on September 16, but the Endless Space Collection freebie is only up for grabs until September 14. And speaking of Endless Space, the Endless Space 2: Awakening expansion went live today—read all about it.

    Source: pcgamer

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