The "Mess" In Nepal

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Forum' started by Alistair, Feb 7, 2005.

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    This story seems to be rather under-covered by the media. Perhaps the reason I try to pay attention to this is because I work with a woman from Nepal who is now cut-off from her family, which she is supposed to be returning to this coming June.

    Anyways from what I gather, their present King was "absent" while the entire royal family was killed by the crown prince, who later died. She explained to me that this story was passed along by... the state run media. I was also informed that the general populace at least in whichever region she came from does not believe this story for a minute. Suddenly the guy who wanted nothing to do with royal affairs and had a bad reputation assumes the crown in a questionable murder. Then he throws out democracy once, but later restores it after heavy pressure is put on him and once again he assumes power like the old monarchs had before his father introduced democracy (in the form of a constitutional monarchy) in the 90s.

    I have been told that anyone who publicly speaks their beliefs about what really happened to the royal family is arrested and most often put to death. Anyways, just curious what everyone's thoughts are on the present situation given the little bits of info the media gives to us.

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