The Tarform Motorcycle is a Retro Electric Bike

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    The number of electric motorcycle companies has just grown by one. Tarform, based in New York City and Stockholm, Sweden, has announced its first model.

    The bike, available for pre-order, is powered by a battery with 90 miles of range. Prices start at $18,000 for the standard model, and a Collector’s Edition is also available.

    The design is a very 2018 type of technological convenience wrapped in vintage materials. The Tarform is electric and made with 3D-printed parts, but the leather seat and bronze ring around the instrument panel are clearly from the brain of a designer who likes old stuff (Taras Kravtchouk has worked for companies like Spotify, Google, and T-Mobile, and also designed mid-century furniture).

    The lack of a guard for the chain makes me nervous, though. Zero’s electric motorcycles use a quiet, easy-maintenance belt drive. The bike will have connectivity features that send maintenance prompts to the owner via phone app.

    Source: popularmechanics

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