Total War: Three Kingdoms Releases Huge Free Update Alongside New Expansion

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    While Koei Tecmo has had something of a monopoly on the Romance of the Three Kingdoms story, it was last year’s Total War take on the Chinese epic that was well received and sold well. The game took a lot of twists to the classic strategy series. The game has gotten expansions and updates, with a massive free one on the way alongside the latest one.

    A video released by the game’s developer breaks down the large amount of additions it’ll bring. Not only will it have lots of quality of life fixes, it’ll also add the ability to play as Tao Qian in both the main game and the expansion timeline (which you can read more about through here). They will have their own unique faction ability where those displaced by the rebellion can come together and reduce building and recruitment costs. There’s also upgrades to characters as well as new units. You can see all the details in the video below.

    Source: gamingbolt

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