Turn On Nintendo Switch Bluetooth With Upcoming Wireless Dongle

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    You’ll soon be able to turn on Nintendo Switch Bluetooth with this dongle! With the Nintendo Switch taking a rather unconventional route in terms of design and features, “adaptation” has seemingly been the go-to word when it comes to describing the console. So with everyone seemingly going towards wireless headphones, Switch owners have been a bit out of the loop with a lack of built-in support. Good news, though, because Genki has arrived on the scene with a Bluetooth dongle that is going to make Nintendo Switch owners very happy.

    Yes, there are currently solutions for adding wireless Bluetooth headphones or earbud support for the Nintendo Switch, but this Genki dongle does things much better. The big deal here is that it connects via the USB-C port and not through the headphone jack or USB port. The issue, as some of you may know already, is that the other Bluetooth accessories on the market for the Nintendo Switch have this little issue called lag. Going direct to USB-C means the dongle is accessing the game’s digital audio stream directly, and thus it’s going to minimize the audio lag. Is this a game-changer or what?

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