Twittering Krabs - stops the Krawling

Discussion in 'News Discussion' started by HardwareHeaven, Oct 30, 2009.

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    Kaspersky Labs, the renowned anti virus maker have released a new tool today called Krab Krawler which examines every post on Twitter and analyses the linked webpages for malware. The overuse of the letter 'k' always makes the software much more appealing as well.

    According to statistics, almost one in every 500 web addresses posted on Twitter lead to sites hosting malware - according to their tool that examines URLs in tweets. The spread of malware is aided by the popular use of shortened URLs on Twitter which tend to hide the real website address from users before they click on a link preventing them from knowing where they are going.

    You can now safely follow all your friends insanely boring everyday lives in peace. Yay.

    Allan Campbell: Heaven Media
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    Yeah shortened URL's is a real problem. Being ideal for luring people away it's a real bad idea any service to get dependant on the method. Add to that the effect of lowering IQ that Twitter has on people and it's an early malware christmas.

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