Valve Index sold out everywhere after Half-Life announcement

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    The announcement of the upcoming VR title Half-Life: Alyx blew most of us away last November, but the results are staggering. Since the announcement, the $900+ Valve Index VR headset has sold out everywhere except Japan.

    Revealed through an article by RoadToVR, Valve’s stock of virtual reality headsets is running dry. The Full Kit package for the Index, which includes the headset, controllers and sensors, is completely sold out worldwide.

    For those that wish to purchase either the headset and controllers bundle, or just the headset itself, you’ll have to order from Japan to do so.

    Due to the high demand of Valve’s technology, which includes a free copy of Half-Life: Alyx, the company has updated the device’s Steam page to make it easier for customers to know when they can get their hands on the product. On the Valve Index Steam page you’ll now be able to request an email notification when the device is back in stock.

    “We are working hard to build more units and meet the high demand,” a Valve spokesperson explained to Road to VR. “We are targeting to be back in stock before Half-Life: Alyx ships.”

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