X-FI XtremeMusic and Drivers Unistallation

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    Xtreme Music - Windows 8
    I had need to uninstall device driver to try others: I try to uninstall the drivers from the Control Panel but the operation fails due to a problem of the operating system to uninstall the programs.
    I try to uninstall (using the "Uninstall utility" contained in a software that I have installed on the PC) but I have a message error ".... has stopped working" .
    I Uninstall the device and their drivers from Device Manager .
    I Use drivers sweepers for better cleaning.
    At this point, reboot, I try to install other drivers(Official 8, 9, beta, pax , daniel k), starting them as administrator, compatibility for 7,vista, xp : all give me the error when I launch the file ".....has stopped working ... ".
    I try a system restore to a previous point and at least recover the situation and drivers to the card.
    Now the problem is that does not work 's "Creative Console Launcher" with the message to launch "The audio device is not supported?" ... nothing to do.
    I try to uninstall but the operation won't work with the error ".... has stopped working" .

    1. Because I need that "console utility" ... (I can not use anything else I need its futures and its speed of execution, for some uses that I do), could you tell me how to restore it(uninstall, reinstall, or other)?

    2. Do you know how solve the problem in general the uninstall (and then reinstalling also other drivers) of all the elements creative (drivers, utilities, etc.)?

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