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Overclockers UK Rapier Gaming PC Review

Overclockers UK Rapier Gaming PC Review

Overclockers UK Rapier review Overclockers UK Rapier gaming PC review 04The Overclockers UK Rapier is one of the smallest gaming PCs we’ve ever reviewed. It’s barely bigger than a shoebox – or the motherboard boxes that tend to come with full-sized ATX systems – but it still packs in plenty of power. Impressively, the Overclockers UK Rapier isn’t too expensive, either, with a price of £1,061. That’s a lot less than many gaming towers, and cheaper than its mini-ITX rivals. Can it compete? Take a look at our Overclockers UK Rapier gaming PC review to find out!

Overclockers UK Rapier Gaming PC Review – Design

Our Overclockers UK Rapier Gaming PC review starts with an excellent enclosure. Overclockers UK has built the Rapier using a Raijintek Ophion EVO case.

The Ophion EVO is, indeed, very small. It’s 290mm tall and 375mm deep, and it’s only 174mm wide. That makes it much narrower than most gaming towers, and much shorter – if you opt for a mid-tower or full-sized tower ATX build, it’s unusual to find one that’s less than 500mm tall.

Overclockers UK Rapier review Overclockers UK Rapier gaming PC review 06The Ophion EVO’s tiny dimensions make this make far easier to take to LAN parties and friends’ house – an instant advantage for portability. It also makes the Overclockers UK Rapier easy to deploy in a bedroom with limited space, or beneath a TV.

It’s a similar situation to the £1,250 Chillblast Fusion Huntsman, which we reviewed back in May. That machine used a Fractal Design Node 202 case that was shorter but wider and arranged in a horizontal configuration. It was just as easy to carry around or keep in your living room.

The Raijintek case looks good, too. Bevelled edges run around the steel skeleton and catch the light with their polished finish. Both sides are made from tempered glass panels that stand proud of the Ophion EVO’s main construction.

We like the inclusion of tempered glass on both sides of the machine – because the Raijintek case has components on both sides of its design and the glass shows off all of this machine’s hardware.

The two-sided design is facilitated by a steel plate that runs through the middle of the case. The motherboard is installed on one side of the plate, with the graphics card sitting vertically on the other. Those two key components use an extension cable to attach together.

Overclockers UK Rapier review Overclockers UK Rapier gaming PC review 10The motherboard is installed at the back of the case, vertically. The hard disk sits underneath the board, and the ATX power supply is installed alongside the motherboard and towards the front of the enclosure.

Hhexagonal holes are all over the mid-case steel plate to improve airflow. The hexagonal design is used elsewhere on the Raijintek – on the base, the back panel, and on the top along with a magnetic dust filter.

It’s a clever design that makes maximum use of the space available. If Raijintek used a conventional layout with these dimensions, it would be tricky to fit larger graphics cards into this chassis. Instead, large cards now have a whole side of the case to use without impeding on the other components.

Build quality is good, too – the tempered glass is strong and the steel and aluminium throughout is sturdy.

It’s a good start, but the Raijintek isn’t without issue. It’s only got one USB 3.0 and one Type-C connector on the front panel, and no audio jacks. That paucity of ports isn’t due to the small size of the chassis.

Overclockers UK Rapier review Overclockers UK Rapier gaming PC review 02You don’t get a handle, which would have been useful for easier transport. There isn’t any lighting in the case itself. The restrictive dimensions of the Ophion EVO also mean that the interior isn’t particularly tidy. Power supply cables run across most of the interior and can be seen even though Overclockers UK has kept them tied together and largely out of the way of the components.

Elsewhere, the Rapier’s limitations are down to the case’s size and its mini-ITX form factor. It’s virtually impossible to add storage, and the motherboard has few upgrade paths. That’s not the fault of Overclockers UK or Raijintek, though – that’s going to happen with almost every mini-ITX case on the market, especially at this compact size.

If you do want more ports, space to add storage or extensive lighting, then you’re going to have to look elsewhere. The Chillblast has more connectivity on the front and back, and full-size machines will have even more options here.

Happily, it’s possible to alter the Overclockers UK Rapier online. Most of the alternative case options have more internal space and more external ports than the Raijintek chassis, but they’re all bigger and some of them are more expensive.

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Overclockers UK Rapier Gaming PC Review – Components

The system in our Overclockers UK Rapier gaming PC review isn’t particularly expensive. So, while it does have good components inside, don’t expect to be blown away.

Overclockers UK Rapier review Overclockers UK Rapier gaming PC review 09Overclockers UK has used an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 rather than waiting for the forthcoming RTX 2060. The GTX 1060 used here is the more powerful 6GB version of the card, which is a good choice – the 3GB variant is a little cheaper, but far weaker.

The card inside the Rapier doesn’t just have its larger memory allocation going for it. It’s a Gigabyte WindForce OC model, which means its original speed of 1,506MHz has been overclocked to 1,557MHz.

It’s the same overclock and the same underlying GPU as the Chillblast Fusion Huntsman, so expect similar gaming performance from these rigs.

An AMD Ryzen 5 2600X processor powers this PC. It’s one of AMD’s newer chips, which means it has the second generation of the firm’s Zen architecture. The chip has six multi-threaded cores, which is an improvement on some of the mid-range parts from the first wave of Ryzen chips. The 2600X runs at a solid stock speed of 3.6GHz, and it uses dynamic boosting to hit a peak speed of 4.2GHz.

Those speeds are good, but Overclockers UK hasn’t overclocked the chip. That makes sense in a smaller PC where hot air has less room to move – and also because the chip is only cooled by a stock AMD heatsink. However, the lack of overclocking and the middling stock speeds mean that the Rapier may not be able to compete with Intel-powered machines in some tasks.

The Chillblast used an Intel Core i5-8400 processor that had no overclocking or multi-threading. Its stock speed of 2.8GHz and boost peak of 4GHz also fall a little behind the AMD chip on paper.

Intel’s Coffee Lake architecture is generally a little better with single-threaded tasks than AMD’s hardware, although the two machines have very similar clock speeds – so we’re not expecting huge benchmark leads to develop.

Overclockers UK Rapier review Overclockers UK Rapier gaming PC review 08The rest of the Rapier’s specification is acceptable. There’s a 250GB Samsung 970 EVO SSD and a 2TB hard disk. The DDR4 memory runs at a fine speed of 2,666MHz, but there’s only 8GB – the bare minimum for a gaming rig these days. The Chillblast machine had 16GB of memory.

This is an issue that can be easily rectified on the Overclockers UK website, but it will naturally cost more to double the Rapier’s memory capacity.

The components attach to a Gigabyte B450 I Aorus Pro WiFi motherboard. It’s a solid board: it has RGB LEDs, dual-band wireless and good-looking metal heatsinks. The included beefed-up audio circuits and wired networking both help with gaming.

It is a mini-ITX product, though, so be aware of the form factor’s inevitable limitations. The two memory slots and single PCI-Express x16 slot are already occupied. There are no PCI-Express x1 slots, naturally. And, at the back, you don’t get USB Type-C – and you only get three audio jacks.

The Chillblast’s Gigabyte Z370N WiFi motherboard experienced many of these same restrictions. However, it did have more ports at the rear.

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Overclockers UK Rapier Gaming PC Review – Gaming Performance

Overclockers UK Rapier review Overclockers UK Rapier gaming PC review 1440p gamingOverclockers UK Rapier review Overclockers UK Rapier gaming PC review 1080p gamingThe overclocked GTX 1060 6GB will play any of today’s top games at 1080p. Its weakest score here came in Witcher 3 with the game ramped up to Ultra settings – and it still managed a minimum of 43fps with a 56fps average.

Its best result was an 83fps minimum in Battlefield 1.

Those scores don’t just mean that today’s top single-player games will run smoothly at 1080p.

You’ll be able to easily play any popular esports title, too. The Overclockers UK Rapier will also handle games played at high refresh rates on screens with Nvidia G-Sync. That said, you’ll have to tweak some graphical settings to get smooth gameplay at more than 100fps.

The Rapier handled gaming at 1440p, too. At this more demanding resolution its minimums sat at 32fps or better, which will ensure smooth gameplay.

The GTX 1060 is a mid-range card, though, and that means that it’s not cut out for 4K gaming. Its minimum framerates often dropped below 20fps in these tests, and it rarely managed averages at 30fps. The GTX 1060 won’t just struggle with 4K games – it won’t play on VR headsets, either.

There is very little to choose between the Overclockers UK Rapier and the Chillblast Fusion Huntsman in gaming benchmarks. However, the Rapier is consistently a little slower than the Fusion Huntsman in 1080p and 1440p benchmarks – most likely because that machine had more memory and an Intel CPU with a little more single-threaded ability.

However, the Overclockers UK Rapier and its GTX 1060 6GB are not sluggish. The Chillblast may be a frame or two quicker, but anything the Chillblast machine will do, the Overclockers UK PC will do too.

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Overclockers UK Rapier Gaming PC Review – Application & Thermal Performance

The processor featured in our Overclockers UK Rapier Gaming PC review offers reasonable pace that often beats the Chillblast. Its Cinebench result of 1,372cb is almost 500 points ahead of the Chillblast Fusion Huntsman and its Core i5-8400 CPU.

In Geekbench the Ryzen 5 2600X returned single- and multi-threaded scores of 4,695 and 20,589. The single-threaded score is a couple of hundred points behind the Chillblast – no doubt because the Core i5-8400 in the Chillblast has better Turbo speeds.

Overclockers UK Rapier review Overclockers UK Rapier gaming PC review applicationsHowever, the Ryzen chip has multi-threading that the Core i5 doesn’t, so its multi-threaded score was more than 2,000 points better.

The Overclockers UK Rapier has enough processing power to avoid any games bottlenecks. Its multi-threaded scores are far better than its rival can manage, and that means that the Rapier is better equipped to handle streaming, multi-tasking and complex productivity tools.

In short, the Rapier and its AMD chip are better at handling work and play than the Chillblast.

The Chillblast is a little quicker in the Geekbench single-threaded test. However, we still prefer the Rapier’s AMD CPU. The Rapier may fall behind in that single-threaded test, but the difference is not large enough to be noticeable in day-to-day computing.

The SSD helps, too, with sequential read and write speeds of 3,568MB/s and 1,502MB/s. They’re superb, and ensure that the Overclockers UK Rapier has fast boot times and quick application loading speeds. The Chillblast returned similar speeds.

It’s not a surprise, though, that the Rapier’s thermal performance is sometimes a little inconsistent. The graphics card’s top temperature of 77°C is solid, but the processor topped out at 94°C.

That’s very high, but not a shock considering the small Raijintek case and the Rapier’s reliance on a small stock AMD cooler rather than better third-party hardware.

It should be noted that the CPU’s high peak temperature was only recorded during a full-system stress-test with the processor running at 100% load. That’s an unusual scenario for any PC, and the machine won’t be put under that kind of stress during gaming or during most workloads. However, it’s still worth bearing in mind.

Noise was fine, at least. The Raijintek case does produce a small fan rumble during all tests. Thankfully, it’s easy to mask with speakers or a headset.

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Overclockers UK Rapier Gaming PC Review – Conclusion

Overclockers UK Rapier review Overclockers UK Rapier gaming PC review 03The Overclockers UK Rapier Gaming PC review shows that this is is a very good PC, even if it does have its faults and compromises. However, that’s to be expected with a machine that’s this small – and from a machine that costs almost £200 less than its nearest rival.

The GTX 1060 6GB is fast enough for 1080p gaming and esports, even though it’s a tiny bit slower than the Chillblast. Conversely, the Rapier’s Ryzen CPU outpaces the Chillblast’s Core i5 chip in trickier tools – which bodes well for streaming and productivity.

The motherboard is a little basic, but that’s to be expected at this form factor – just like the lack of upgrade room. The case, meanwhile, is impressive. It’s tiny, sturdy and easily accessible, and is a good option for taking to LAN parties or using in confined spaces.

The Chillblast machine is a little better when it comes to features and marginally quicker in games. However, the Overclockers UK Rapier holds its own in most departments and is significantly cheaper. It’s an excellent option if you want a small and affordable gaming PC that’s still got plenty of punch.

The Overclockers UK Rapier costs £1,061 in the UK.  Discuss our Overclockers UK Rapier Gaming PC review on our Facebook and Twitter pages. And, if you need some more inspiration after reading the Overclockers UK Rapier Gaming PC review, check out our guide to our favourite laptops or go deep with our ultimate guide to 4K monitors – covering the technology, the terms and our top recommendations!

The GoodRecommended Award

  • Solid 1080p and esports speeds
  • Better CPU than Intel rivals
  • Cheaper than its rivals, too

The Bad

  • A little slower in gaming than some rivals
  • Basic motherboard
  • No real upgrade options

The Specs

CPU: 3.6GHz AMD Ryzen 5 2600X
Memory: 8GB 2,666MHz DDR4
Graphics: Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1060 6GB
Motherboard: Gigabyte B450 I Aorus Pro WiFi
Storage: 250GB Samsung 970 EVO M.2 SSD, 1TB Seagate Barracuda hard disk
Warranty: 3yr C&R w/ labour & parts


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Overclockers UK Rapier

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