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Monday | March 8, 2021
WildStar: DevSpeak and Customisations with Kaeyi Dream

WildStar: DevSpeak and Customisations with Kaeyi Dream

WildStar Closed Beta Coverage Levels 1-15 Videos with Kaeyi Dream

WildStar DevSpeak and Customisations with Kaeyi Dream

As an MMO veteran I feel customisation is everything. Whether its character, gear, class or housing; I just love it! I can’t get enough. I like the idea that I as a player can put my personal touch on something I potentially will invest hundreds of hours on. MMO’s (especially RPG’s) count on the player having a very close relationship with their playable character, a bond that keeps them coming back for more and more. That bond wouldn’t be as prevalent if we all were forced to use the same character, look the same, play the same class and live in the same house.


This is where Carbine come in, developers of the new up and coming Sci-Fi Adventure themed MMO that’s all about the customisation. In WildStar they have specifically built the core features of the game to be customisable, so you, the player can play the way you want. Today they are ready to show off just how they’ve managed to cater to all you fussy pants players like Frost.

If you’re already a WildStar fan then you know exactly what a DevSpeak is, and if you’re not well sit down for the ride. In the words of Carbine "All the info, none of the BS; Detailed gameplay mechanics, sweet in-game footage and the sultry tones of our own Stephan Frost. DevSpeak has it all." So let me introduce a brand new Dev Speak detailing Wildstar’s Customisation.

So now you’ve had an amazing insight into all the customisation that WildStar has to offer, let’s break it all down and look at each area in some detail.

Character Creation:
When you first log in to the game you are posed with many choices that not only effect the way your character looks but also the way you will play that character. You start by picking your faction, Exile or Dominion (Pfft that’s an easy choice, Myala for life). Then you pick your race, class and path. You haven’t even started personalising the way your Exile Female Aurin Esper looks yet ;).

This is where it really gets interesting, face styles, hair styles, skin tones, earrings and then all the tiny facial personal details that make your character unique. We actually covered the Exile and Dominion character creation in some videos so why don’t you take a look for yourself at all the options. I guarantee you’ll already be bashing your head trying to figure out which colour hair your main will have.


Next up you need to decide (at around level 14) how you want your character to live. In the past MMO housing has been, well… Frankly not great. You get a few options of colour, furniture and style. That is nothing compared to what Carbine have been working on for Wildstar. Do you want a herb garden? A personal dungeon? A crafting station? A raid portal? You can have all of that and much more in your very own plot of land in the sky.


And that is just the outside of your house. You can pick what wallpaper you want, the floors, ceilings and even the décor. You have the option to buy furniture from the housing vendor with two in game currency’s, gold and renown.  Gold is obvious, you earn it from killing things, completing quests and selling things. Renown is the social currency in WildStar, you earn it by completing aforementioned tasks with friends or other players in game, instead of running as a solo player. Carbine want you to group up and in turn you will be rewarded with the ability to buy many, many things to customise your entire playing experience.


So whether you want a cute little Aurin hut to live in or an evil mansion of doom. You get to decide. That’s the point, right? Just be prepared to sink a lot of time and gold on this bad boy. On the plus side, you can actually pick up housing items on your travels around nexus and there’s an entire trade skill that makes housing items. Guess what? Yup you’ve got it! We have also done a video on Housing and all its customisable glory.

Stat Customisation:
Through a system called Rune Crafting you are able to customise your base stats, primary and secondary attributes on any piece of gear or weapon above level 15. In short you basically can craft a rune that will add a certain amount of a specific stat to your gear. Primary (High Amount), Secondary (Moderate Amount) and Tertiary (Small Amount). Runes work a lot like Gems in WoW, aka you if you have a fire rune it needs to go in a fire slot and so on. There are 6 types of runes (Water, Earth, Fire, Air, Logic, and Fusion) that can be applied to your gear.


Everybody loves crafting right? Wildstar have done it a little differently, it’s so in depth its borderline its own Meta game. Crafting is split into two sections, Tradeskills and Hobbies. The Tradeskills are Weaponsmith, Armorer, Mining, Outfitter, Survivalist, Technologist, Architect, Relic Hunter and Tailor. The Hobbies are Cooking, Farming and eventually Fishing (Post Launch).
As with most MMO’s each Tradeskill serves a different purpose and will benefit a different class or type of player. You can start crafting at level 10 where you will be able to learn all of the Hobbies and pick two of the Tradeskills. In short this is what each of the Tradeskills do:

Weaponsmith –
"Weaponsmithing is the art of forging weapons from metal and infusing them with Eldan circuitry. This tradeskill is best paired with Mining."

Armorer – "The armorer forges heavy armour from metal plates, then powers them with microchips and power amplifiers. This tradeskill is best paired with mining."

Mining – "The Miner excavates ores and crystals to be used by the Weaponsmith and Armorer." (The Architect uses some of these materials as well)

Outfitter – "The outfitter uses leather and bone to craft medium armour. Power amplifiers and microchips allow the crafter to enhance the attributes on crafted items. This tradeskill is best paired with the survivalist."

Survivalist – "The Survivalist skins leather and cuts meat from creatures. It also chops wood more efficiently than most harvesters"

Technologist – "Combining mysterious omniplasm with local flora, the technologist is a master experimenter, creating powerful medical and attribute enhancing potions. This tradeskill is best paired with Relic Hunter."

Relic Hunter – "The Relic Hunter Scraps Eldan technology for parts and omniplasm."

Architect – "Home-a place to put your feet up, a place to hang your hat. The Architect shapes housing items so you can do just that. This tradeskill is best paired with Survivalist."

Tailor – "The Tailor uses cloth collected from humanoids to craft light armour. Microchips direct the flow of Eldan energies to enhance the armour. This tradeskill has no preferred pairing."

And they are pretty self-explanatory but in case you are unsure here are what the Hobbies do:

Cooking – "The Cook crafts succulent dishes from all manner of flora and fauna native to Nexus."

Farming – "The Farmer gathers plants and their seeds. Plants can be used by the Technologist or the Cook, and seeds can be planted in a garden."

Action Set:
As a player in Wildstar you have a limited action set of 8 skills plus some path skills. This means you basically can have 8 different attacks or heals on your action bar at any one time. You can change these said skills on the fly any time you want (outside of combat) and you can save different load outs depending on what role you are playing.


This way you get to choose exactly how you want to play your class rather than having access to 30 or so skills and having 5 action bars. You have to make your choices carefully and pair your gear, stat customisation and skills perfectly.

Alongside gear and skill customisation you have amps, which is essentially your talent tree in WildStar. You can choose to go either full support, full assault for PvE and PvP or build your own hybrid tree. Amp’s unlock a variety of different benefits for your character, some stat based and some skill based. There’s even a few little proc (Programmed Random Occurrence) surprises in there for you to unlock.


Because of the way WildStar combat works it will always be beneficial for a player to have a heal skill on their action bar and give themselves a few support amps. Now if you add up all of the customisation you have to choose from do you also get a headache? End (Elder) game is going to be a very exciting and in depth place filled with theory crafters galore. I personally love the fact that I can pick my 8 skills, pick gear to best suit those skills, and then carefully chose my amps to give me the best procs and stat bonuses. Then on top of that slot runes into all of my gear to better improve those base attributes. When they said they built the core features of the game on customisation they sure weren’t kidding were they?

Armor Customisation and Costumes:
Let’s move onto something a little more aesthetically pleasing shall we? All this stat talk and number crunching brings back to many memories. When is this game released again? (Hurry up). So of course you guessed it, in Wildstar you can make your armour look the way you want it to look, or you can completely fool everyone by wearing a costume. You’re able to change the way your armour looks by dying it and unlike some games you are able to dye everything.


Simply get your best gear, buy some dyes and get customising. If you want an all pink outfit, go for it, be fabulous. However, if you don’t really like the way your class gear looks at all then get a costume. You can apply costume pieces in the character screen that visually replace your gear pieces. This means if you’re an Esper who has to wear light armour gear but want to look like a warrior wearing heavy gear you can. Do whatever you like, fool enemies and impress your friends. Or pledge your allegiance to Victor Lazarin and wear a hazmat suit permanently.


Mount Customisation:
So now you have your best skills and best gear, you need an epic ride. Not only can you pick from a huge multitude of mounts, you can customise them. Want bunny ears on your grinder or a ramen bowl on your Chua ball? You can do that. Make your hover board the coolest thing to enter outer space. Using that awesome currency we mentioned earlier (renown) you can purchase a wide variety of customisation items for your mounts. You know what that means… You better start grouping up and playing with friends so you can really show off your hard work. Make yourself unique and remembered, that’s what this is all about.


That brings us to the end of this amazing customisation adventure. If you want to know more about WildStar then visit www.wildstar-online.com and check out the vast amount of information on their game. I also have been streaming the closed beta so feel free to stop by and check out the gameplay for yourself www.twitch.tv/kaeyidream 🙂

Thanks for reading cupcakes.

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